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“Secure and Manage” - become an Effective Managed Services Provider

The transition from the traditional Break Fix VAR model to Managed Services Provider is no longer just a preference because of the reoccurring revenue but now a necessity to remain relevant to customers migrating to the cloud. Although it may seem like a daunting task, it is easier than you think, providing you use the correct managed applications to “Secure and Manage” your customers. .

AInformation Technology in all companies compromise of 4 IT quadrants:
1. Hardware/Software 2. Data 3. Email 4. Web
To illustrate the above envisage an accountant arriving at the office and switching on his laptop (Hardware). He receives an order by mail (Email) so he launches his accounting system (Software) and creating an invoice (Data). The accountant then browses the internet to check the latest news (Web).

MSP’s need to “Secure and Manage” the 4 IT quadrants.

ATEPSA hosts and represents five best of breed Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) cloud solutions to effectively achieve exactly this.


GravityZone is the most advanced RMM security solution providing security as a service across all quadrants including Anti-virus, device and application control and email/web security.

Managed Workplace

Managed Workplace is an industry leading infrastructure remote monitoring and management solution.


Spamina is a powerful cloud-based email security and management solution including Anti-malware/SPAM, Advanced Treat Protection, Archiving and Data Leakage protection.


Rawstream is one of the fastest, simple to use, web filtering service providing bandwidth/website monitoring and management for any size company.


GridStor allows MSP’s to monitor and manage customer’s online and local secure backups.

TEPSA’s solutions are backed by product certified training and support engineers.
Allow us to manage availability and support of the solutions while you focus on servicing your customers and generating an annuity income.

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