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Complete Layered Cloud Security for the Managed IT Service Provider

Enterprise Grade Security at SMB pricing - using Best of Breed Cloud Security Solutions

AOver the last decade, large enterprises have made considerable investment in technology and people to secure their key assets, detect breaches and respond to incidents. Although the rewards of attacking large enterprises are high, the level of sophistication and cost required is also high so cybercriminals are moving down the food chain. SMBs now face the same security threats as larger organizations, but have considerably fewer resources to protect themselves. They present significantly easier targets, and with automation, modern cyber criminals are able to mass produce attacks for very little investment. SMB’s are now looking to their service providers to provide an Affordable security solution that is Simple to understand and use as well as Scalable to allow business growth.

Barracuda Email Protection

More than 100 billion business emails were sent and received each day. Just one in five of all emails sent are legitimate. In excess of 90% of current threats enter the organization through email. It is imperative that, at a minimum, basic email fire-walling (anti-spam/anti-malware) must be in place for protection..

Protect your users and business from volumetric threats like malware and spam, as well advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and ransomware. Our tamper-proof archiving ensures compliance with email retention policies. Email continuity ensures delivery of emails in the event of a mail server interruption. Protect your data from corruption and deletion with full cloud backup and recovery of every email and file. Keep sensitive data safe with data leak prevention and encryption.

GravityZone Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection needs to be in place (commonly known as Anti-virus) to prevent local attacks or malware that may get through the email security layer.
The Endpoint protection must be advanced enough to also allow WEB, Data, Application, Device and behavioral controls as they are all possible penetration points.

Bitdefender consistently ranks first in major independent tests for demonstrating the best protection against cyber-threats with the fewest false positives and smallest performance impact on protected systems.
To ensure you get the best protection, essential features such as Web Filtering, User Control, Firewall, Intrusion Detection, or Device Control, are included with no extra charge.

GridStor Secure Cloud Backup

Also known as a “safety net”, secure offsite backups should be in place as a last resort if data does get encrypted or damaged. In addition, this layer provides recovery of data damaged or lost due to human error. Encryption, Geo-location, and remote wipe to protect your data is also vital.

GridStor’s Cloud Backup is an enterprise-grade direct-to-cloud backup solutions that protects servers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Anomaly detection alerts if any of your devices have been potentially encrypted by ransomware whilst GridStor supports unlimited versioning so rolling back to previous versions is made simple.

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