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Complete Layered Cloud Security for the Managed IT Service Provider

Over the last decade, large enterprises have made considerable investment in technology and people to secure their key assets, detect breaches and respond to incidents. Although the rewards of attacking large enterprises are high, the level of sophistication and cost required is also high so cybercriminals are moving down the food chain. SMBs now face the same security threats as larger organizations, but have considerably fewer resources to protect themselves. They present significantly easier targets, and with automation, modern cyber criminals are able to mass produce attacks for very little investment. SMB’s are now looking to their service providers to provide an Affordable security solution that is Simple to understand and use as well as Scalable to allow business growth.

TEPSA represents and supports best of breed security and management solutions in South Africa.

COMPREHENSIVE Service Offering

With our broad solution portfolio, MSP partners can build a comprehensive service offering that includes multi-layered security and data protection.
These include Advanced Email Security, Endpoint Security, Web Security, Backup and Firewall Solutions. All solutions require no hardware or software investment and are all monthly subscription based.

Our suite of solutions allows you to provide Enterprise Grade Security at a fraction of the cost, is simple to understand and use as well as scalable to allow business growth.

DEMONSTRATE Value to Customers

With built-in reporting on threat and activity levels, we make it easy for you to show exactly what you’ve done for your customers. This positions you as a valuable extension of their business, builds customer loyalty and fuels future growth.

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