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GravityZone Security for Email

Multi-layered, cloud-based email security for organizations and managed service providers (MSPs).
GravityZone Email Security protects all email service providers and supports hybrid environments using Exchange on-premise, Microsoft365, Exchange Online, or Gmail.

Stop Email-Based Threats Before They Enter Your Network

GravityZone Security for Email provides businesses comprehensive email security and protection from known and emerging threats, including impersonation attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC), CEO fraud, phishing, ransomware and more.
For MSPs, the multi-tenancy management features, monthly licensing and usage reports help streamline tasks and deliver operational efficiencies.

GravityZone Security for Email Architecture

Our solution is 100% cloud-based and easy to deploy. Our policy engine uses multiple AV engines, including static sandboxing of file attachments, and offers a full analysis of inbound and outbound email analysis using unlimited keyword lists.

GravityZone Security for Email

Multi-layered email security for businesses and MSPs that protects across all business email service providers.

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